studio cushman



Karla Cushman is the creative lead of Studio Cushman. As a graphic designer, she is aesthetically minded and detail-oriented. She believes in key commands, the grid, and that less is truly more. Her design style is smart and simple.

Karla’s background as an in-house designer provided her with a wide range of experience and the opportunity to work with brands including kate spade, J.Crew, Martha Stewart, Vineyard Vines, Talbots, Disney, and more.

When not indulging her wanderlust, Karla lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Matt, and their weimaraner, Luda.


Matt Cushman is a true Renaissance man. He combined his background in chemistry with a love of art history to become a paintings conservator. When not restoring priceless works of art, he can be found “on the felt”, working on a screenplay, or–more likely–cooking up another masterpiece in the kitchen.

As a consultant for Studio Cushman, Matt provides copywriting, research, and the occasional illustration.


Luda manages security and literally works for peanuts.